The academic complex will be a three phase project and will be positioned to provide the fourth side of the campus quadrangle.  The complex will provide enhancements to the campus that are envisioned to include new classrooms, laboratories, a large lecture hall and a new library.  

The academic complex will provide a true “front door” to our campus and will be state of the art.  The design committee will work hard to ensure that the features of the complex move away from the low profile, concrete buildings so often found on our campus and towards a more modern, bright, inviting facility.  Of course, maintaining our ability to resist damage from tropical weather systems remains critical. 

While the architect's concept includes relocating the front entrance the campus as well as the front road, emphasis will be placed on the design and construction of the three phases.

The three phases of the academic complex include:

Phase 1 – Academic Building

Phase 2 – Large lecture/Support Services Building

Phase 3 – New Library