Mariner Hall Demolition (C Dorm)    

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While Mariner Hall is not our oldest residence hall, the building certainly has been our most "tired" residence hall.  Window air conditioning units, doors that open to the weather outside and a design that followed a (now) very old style national hotel brand, Mariner Hall has served its useful life.  Opened in 1980 and known as "C Dorm" until the mid-2000s, Mariner Hall had space for 414 beds, an administrative area and a study room.  Long used to house cadets in the Texas A&M Maritime Academy, Mariner Hall was recently scheduled for demolition when the new Texas A&M Maritime Academy Hall opened across Seawolf Parkway.

Mariner Hall/C Dorm evokes many memories to those who had the opportunity to live in one of its rooms or work in the administrative area.  Until 2012 when Atlantic and Pacific Halls opened, many students preferred Mariner Hall simply due to the rooms being larger than those in Oceans and Hullaballoo Halls (A and B Dorm).  Over the course of its life, Mariner Hall was home to Mail Services, Student Counseling, Financial Aid, Academic Enhancement, the Student Government Association, the campus yearbook and the Student Veterans Association.

While lots of inquiries were received about "pushing the button," the demolition of Mariner Hall will not be by implosion, but by through mechanical means.  The work will be completed by a known national commercial demolition contractor. 



General Information

Constructed: 1980

Demolished: 2016

Demolition Project Start: March 16, 2016

Building Demolition Preparation: March 16 through March 28

First Wall Knocked Down: March 28, 2016

Last Wall Knocked Down: March 30, 2016

Last Day of Debris Removal: April 22, 2016

Expected Project Completion: May 2016

Project Details

Demolition Photos

Tear Down Haul Away
March 28, 2016 March 31, 2016
12 Noon 9:00am
12:30pm April 4, 2016
6:15pm 2:15pm
March 29, 2016 April 11, 2016
10:00am 8:30am
11:15am April 18, 2016
12 Noon 3:15pm
2:30pm April 25, 2016
3:15pm 8:40am
March 30, 2016