Professional Mariner Training    

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Texas A&M University at Galveston and Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services Center for Marine Training and Safety professional mariner training programs serve the maritime community with career education, license renewal, and customized corporate training.

The Center for Marine Training and Safety is committed to educating both future mariners and current professionals of all career levels. Our goals are to provide:

  • Training programs and individual courses to facilitate entry into the merchant marine.

  • Training programs and individual courses for those who are already in the maritime industry and seek advancement.

  • Continuing education courses that meet the regulatory and industry demand for advanced training.

  • Customized courses and related services based on the specific needs of companies, affiliates and other organizations that have vested interests in maritime advancement, training, educational and safety issues.

CMTS Programs are designed to combine industry knowledge and hands-on training using the latest equipment to meet license upgrades, recertification, and industry requirements. Instructors are highly qualified professionals who bring years of real world experience to the classroom environment.

Courses are offered at our Galveston campuses both on Pelican Island and Offats Bayou, the crossroads of the inland and offshore industry.  Courses are also offered at the TEEX College Station campus and the Brayton Fire Training Field, the best live fire training center in the country.

We invite you to the Center for Marine Training and Safety for your professional maritime education goals.

Contact us today for more information about upcoming programs, campus events and course locations.