Cadet Conduct & Discipline

General Information Regarding Conduct & Discipline

All Cadets are expected to meet a higher standard of conduct than non-Corps students. All Cadets must comply with the Corps Operations Manual as well as Texas A&M University at Galveston Student Rules. All Cadets are to set a good example by demonstrating gracious conduct onboard ship and ashore, a neat personal appearance, proper language, and, in general, behavior befitting honorable men and women who live by the Aggie Code of Honor. Regardless of location (on or off-campus), all Cadets (in or out of uniform) will maintain normal class distinction while conducting themselves in a manner that will reflect favorably upon the Corps. No Cadet will create a scene or disturbance that would be displeasing to others and/or reflect negatively on the Corps of Cadets, the Texas A&M Maritime Academy, and the University.

Conduct standards for the Corps are set forth in the Corps Operations Manual in order to give Cadets general notice of prohibited conduct. These rules should be read broadly and are not designed to define prohibited conduct in exhaustive terms.

Corps Demerit System

Per 46 CFR 310.10 (Discipline and Dismissal):


1. Each school shall establish and publish rules and regulations governing Cadet and Midshipman discipline and providing for a demerit system for infractions of these rules and regulations. Serious or excessive violations of the rules and regulations by a Cadet or Midshipman may be considered as evidence of inaptitude for the demanding career of a merchant marine officer and warrant dismissal by the school.


2. Each Cadet or Midshipman shall, upon admission to the school, be furnished a copy of the School’s rules and regulations.


3. Any Cadet or Midshipman placed on probation for failure to meet the conduct requirements of the school may, at the discretion of the Superintendent, be listed as not in good standing for any period not to exceed six (6) months for the purpose of §310.7(a)(5).

The established demerit system for the Corps of Cadets at the Texas A&M Maritime Academy is as follows: a) The semester, academic year, and tenure demerit limits are 75, 125, and 350 demerits respectively. Cadets will receive a Warning Notice when they exceed 50 Demerits. Upon reaching any one of these demerit totals, the Cadet will be automatically put on Discipline Probation and noted in a cadet conduct record.  While under Discipline Probation a Cadet is considered “not in good standing."

Individuals Designated to Assign Demerits/Merits:


1. The Corps Commander, in consultation with the Commandant, will determine who is authorized to issue demerits in the Cadet Chain.


2. The Assistant Commandants, NROTC Officer-in-Charge, NROTC Assistant Officer-in-Charge, and Corps Housing Coordinators are authorized to issue demerits.

3. Faculty and staff members of Texas A&M University at Galveston may recommend issuance of demerits (or merits) to a Cadet by contacting the Commandant.