July 17, 2020

Texas A&M University at Galveston Employees,

In consultation with University leadership, the Human Resources office issued additional guidance in late-June regarding an adjustment to the University’s phased approach to returning employees to work on campus. The adjustment postponed the implementation of Phase 3 until July 20. In light of the continued growth in COVID-19 cases, we are further adjusting Phase 3 which will still begin on July 20. We recognize that some units will need additional personnel on campus to prepare for the beginning of the academic semester. Therefore, we are adjusting the maximum percentage of employees in any given physical location from 50% to up to 75% until further notice. We do not anticipate a full return of staff to campus by mid-August and foresee remaining under 100% through the fall semester. As we have stated before, these percentages are not targets that must be achieved but rather maximums that may be necessary for division, college or departmental operations as the fall semester preparations continue.  If what your college/division is currently doing is working well and meeting your operational needs, there is no need to adjust your current practices. Units seeking to exceed 75% of employees in any given physical location will be required to submit a written request explaining the business need for additional employees and measures being taken to minimize the risk of exposure.  Approval of the Executive Associate Vice President, Senior Associate Vice President or Associate Vice President of the division and the Chief Operating Officer will be required in these instances.

A few important reminders:

  • In order to effectively support University functions, employees are expected to continue fulfilling their normal job duties regardless of whether they are working on campus or remotely.

  • In accordance with System Regulation 33.06.01, department heads may continue to approve short-term requests for remote work for staff employees whose work does not have to be performed on campus (otherwise known as Alternate Work Location Requests or AWL). If an employee or unit anticipates the AWL will remain in place beyond the fall semester, a long term request must be submitted through the formal request process. AWL requests are subject to supervisor approval and based on appropriate job tasks that can effectively be performed remotely.

  • All employees are required to complete two TrainTraq courses before returning to work on campus (regular worksite). This requirement also applies to employees who have continued to work onsite. Courses are also available in Spanish.
  • Wearing face coverings in public settings, along with other social distancing measures can help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Unless an individual has received an exemption, or the area or position has been granted a waiver in accordance with Standard Administrative Procedure 34.99.99.M0.03 Usage of Face Coverings to Counter COVID-19 at Texas A&M University, appropriate face coverings are required to be worn in all public spaces.  Additional information on face coverings is available at

We will continue to monitor and adjust this plan accordingly. If additional adjustments are needed, these adjustments will be communicated to you in a timely manner. We encourage all employees to review relevant COVID-19 information available on the university COVID-19 website at

Thank you,

Human Resources