O-Week Attendees Required to Test for COVID-19 Prior to or Upon Arrival    

August 19, 2021

Note: This is not applicable to Week 4 Howdy Week or SALT Camp attendees.


We’re excited to have you on campus this coming weekend for O-Week! During this week you will learn and experience components that are critical to your success as a cadet. We also want you to be fully aware that as COVID-19 continues to evolve, we are experiencing an increase in cases in our campus community.

Our primary goal is to support our cadets in attending and experiencing a successful O-Week and semester. To help support this goal, cadets attending O-Week are required to test prior to or upon arrival for O-Week. We recognize that testing represents a moment in time and does not guarantee a COVID-free environment. However, we are using every tool available to us to help slow the spread in our campus community to support a successful in-person semester.

Where possible we recommend that you test prior to arriving on campus, however, we understand that this is short notice and that testing availability may be limited depending on your region.

There are four options to meet this requirement:

  1. Take a test from any health provider between now and your arrival on campus on Saturday. Upload proof of a negative test through the COVID-19 Test Results Submission Form.
  2. Take a test from any health provider between now and your arrival on campus on Saturday. Bring your proof of a negative test with you to present at check-in. Individuals must also upload proof through the COVID-19 Test Results Submission Form.
  3. Test on campus upon arrival. Cadets will be provided instructions upon check-in.
  4. Those who have tested positive in the past 90 days may submit or present upon arrival positive test results dated within the past 90 days and will not be required to test.

The Galveston Campus is using Binax Now, a shallow nasal swab, which is highly effective in detecting COVID-19 in symptomatic individuals. Those who test positive will be given a Curative PCR test and asked to leave campus immediately. A case manager will be in contact with you as soon as possible to conduct contact tracing. Results from the Curative test may take one or more business days. Those who test negative will be able to proceed as normal.

Cadets should be prepared with alternate arrangements in the event they test positive. Cadets should also be aware that isolation and quarantine protocols are different for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals to allow them to make the appropriate accommodations and arrangements. Those who anticipate difficulties in securing alternate arrangements should notify commandant staff upon check-in.

Cadets who are asked to leave campus due to a positive test result should notify commandant staff upon return to campus so that arrangements can be made for an alternate orientation.

We appreciate your support as we continue to adjust to the evolving conditions caused by the Delta variant of COVID-19. We encourage you to monitor official university communications, including email and the Galveston Campus COVID-19 website, to receive weekly updates as we begin the Fall 2021 semester.