Media Management

In the event of and emergency or accident involving the TAMUG students, faculty and/or staff the campus will immediately enact the following procedures for managing the media:


Office of the COO

  • The COO will notify the Provost, President of TAMU, and Chancellor TAMUS of the emergency.
  • The Director of Media Relations and Communications will be responsible for interfacing with the TAMU Office of Marketing and Communications to inform main campus of the emergency.

Computing Information Services

  • ICT will establish a media center in SAGC 601 or PE 107 to accommodate the electronic and data outlet needs of the responding media.
  • No-campus and non-emergency personnel will not be permitted in the area of the emergency.

Only members of the Incident Command Team will be allowed to talk to the media. The COO or designee will serve as the chief spokesperson for the campus

If employees are called by outsiders or members of the media, they should refrain from comment and refer the individual to Incident Command Center

Employees should be weary of video cameras and their coverage of the incident at the scene

Family members affected should be discouraged from agreeing to provide media with an interview, but, if not, questions should be prescreened. A member of the Incident Command Team should be present during interviews with family members to ensure that ground rules are followed and inappropriate questions are not addressed

Information concerning the emergency will be posted on the TAMUG website and local media sources as information becomes available:

Radio/Television Stations

KPRC - TV Channel 2 - Houston

KHOU -TV Channel 11 - Houston

KTRK -TV  Channel 13 - Houston

KTRH – Radio 740 AM - Houston

When possible, the TAMUG Information Line will be used to provide additional updates: (409) 740-5500.