Mazen Brho

Assistant Professor of Finance
Department of Maritime Business Administration

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.”

– Warren Buffett

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What in your life drew you to your current field of study?

Maritime is the center of today’s global economy and it is a core industry that domestically and globally links businesses. I want to capitalize on my growing knowledge in such an important domain to systematically contribute relevant value to academic and business communities.

What do you hope your students gain from studying or working with you?

The knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

What are you passionate about in your personal life?



Ph.D., Logistics and Supply Chain Management, University of North Texas, 2018
M.S.Finance, Texas A&M University-Commerce, 2013
B.A.,  Economics, Aleppo University, 2006

Licenses and Certificates:

  • Bloomberg Market Concepts and Database Analytic.
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • E-Commerce.
  • Banking Business and Financial Operations.
Courses Taught


  • Financial Management in Marine Transportation.
  • Global Logistics.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Special Problems.


  • Business Finance.
  • Economics of Transportation.
  • Maritime Supply Chain Management.
  • International Supply Chain Management.
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  • Marketing Research and Analytics.
  • Business Transportation Management
  • Special Problems.

Manuscripts Published/Presented In Refereed Conferences

  1. Brho, M.H., Glassburner, A.V., Randall, W.S., Nowicki, D.R., & Sauser, B. J. (2017). Game Theory and Weighted Cash-to-cash Metric: Optimizing Economic Value of Seller-buyer Transaction.  Abstract published and presented at Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) Conference, Houston, Texas.
  2. Brho, M.H., Adhikari, S., Sauser, B. J., Nowicki, D.R., & Randall, W.S. (2017). Supply Chain Finance: Developing Weighted Cash-to-Cash Metric to Empirically Capture Financial Performance and Enhance Collaboration Decision.  Extended abstract published and presented at Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Conference, Atlanta, Georgia.
  3. Brho, M.H., Nowicki, D.R., Randall, W.S., & Sauser, B. J. (2016). The Financial Position of the Supply Chain Performance: Hidden Economic Value in Cash-to-Cash Metric.  Abstract published and presented at Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) Conference, Austin, Texas.

Manuscripts under Preparation

  1. Evolution and Emerging Trends in Cruise Research. Paper Status: Accepted/Under revision. Journal: Maritime Policy & Management.
  2. Maritime Technologies: Current Implication and Future Research Directions.
  3. Supply Chain Finance: Developing a Weighted Cash Conversion Cycle to Proxy Operating Liquidity.
  4. Supply Chain Finance: An Evidence of the Weighted Cash Conversion Cycle Generalizability.
  5. Hidden Economic Value in Supply Chain Collaboration.
  6. Maritime Finance: Financial Strategies and Risk Hedging of IMO 2020.

Contact Info

Mazen Brho
Assistant Professor of Finance
Department of Maritime Business Administration
Phone: +1 (409) 741.4045
Fax: +1 (409) 741.4014

Classroom Lab Building (CLB) 3007, Office 228