Upper Texas Coast Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital and Educational Outreach Center    

A new sea turtle rehabilitation facility on the upper Texas coast is needed. Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) proposes to construct a sea turtle rehabilitation hospital and educational outreach facility on its campus to fulfill this need. The facility would provide a number of services to the upper Texas coast sea turtle community, which include playing a significant role in in the Texas Sea Turtle Stranding and Salvage Network by providing expertise in rehabilitation and release of live-stranded sea turtles.

At this stage of planning the facility will be approximately 23,500 sq.ft with two hospital wards, a veterinary clinic, overnight facilities for care-takers, resident turtle tanks, auditorium-presentation room, media room, numerous educational outreach exhibits and a gift shop.

The goal is to construct a rehabilitation facility with two separate biological life support systems that would enable a single hospital to rehabilitate sea turtles that are both negative and positive for the FP (Fibropapillomatosis, a tumor disease of sea turtles) virus.

To enable the new rehabilitation facility to be financially self-sustainable, the hospital will operate an educational outreach facility that will attract tourists and generate revenue to support the hospital and sea turtle conservation programs. Galveston is a vibrant resort city that attracts 7 million tourists to the island a year.

Sea turtles will serve as  "Ambassadors” to the marine environment of Galveston Bay and the Western Gulf of Mexico. The educational outreach facility will provide opportunities to view sea turtle patients through glass “viewing galleries” that also protect patients from the stress of noise and disturbance. A small veterinary clinical space will also have a “viewing gallery” window to allow visitors to observe turtles being examined by attending veterinarians, veterinarian students and interns.

A series of holding tanks will be placed outside of the hospital wards to hold healthy turtles that cannot be released into the wild. Visitors will have the opportunity to observe sea turtles up close. This will be the only place to do so on the upper Texas coast.

Dr. Marshall has been has discussing the facility with local architects. The images of the hospital are a few ideas of what the actual facility might look like but the final appearance remains to be decided.

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Upper Texas Coast Sea Turtle Hospital and Educational Outreach Center


Make the checks payable to "Texas A&M Foundation" and include on the memo "05-74093 Turtle Facility" then mail it to the following address:

Texas A&M University at Galveston
Attn:  Development - Alice Maffay
P. O. Box 1675
Galveston, TX   77553-1675

To learn more about funding/naming opportunities for the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital, contact the TAMUG Development Office at (409) 740-4446.

Potential Architectural Designs (Renderings)


Location View