Master of Maritime Business Administration and Logistics, MMAL

We aim to push students interested in maritime business administration to the next level by giving them the skills necessary to tomorrow’s leaders in maritime industry. Completing the Master’s in Maritime Business Administration and Logistics places students in a prime position for successful leadership roles within the field of maritime business administration.

Master of Maritime Business Administration and Logistics Degree    

This highly competitive and rewarding program gives students the opportunity to elevate their learning and better prepare them for the mantle of leadership within a steadily growing industry. The coursework is a culmination of experienced experts sharing and the latest advances within the industry, in which our program is heavily connected. We offer several routes to completion of this degree, including an on-campus track that offers a License Option, a five year combined undergraduate-graduate program, a thesis option, and an online degree option. Whichever you choose, you’ll be putting yourself on course for an exhilarating and rewarding career.

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License Option Available    

Students with an interest can elect the License Option, which will allow them to become a Third Mate deck officer (unlimited oceans, unlimited tonnage) upon graduation. Participation in the Corps of Cadets is necessary for this option.

Master of Maritime Business Administration and Logistics Classes

Major Core Classes (Required)

MARA 610  International Strategic Planning and Implementation
MARA 623  Economic Issues in Shipping
MARA 624  Intermodal Transportation Operations
MARA 627  Marketing of Transportation Services
MARA 636  Managerial Decision Making
MARA 641  Financial Management in Marine Transportation
MARA 664  Production, Operations & Logistics Management

Major Electives

MARA 604  Marine Natural Resources Economics
MARA 616  Management of Port Facilities and Infrastructure
MARA 640  Global Logistics
MARA 650  Supply Chain Management
MARA 652  Marine Transportation System Design and Policy
MARA 658  Port Design, Planning and Security
MARA 660  Risk Assessment and Marine Insurance
MARA 670  Coastal and Inland Waterways Transportation
MARA 672  Maritime Global Trading System
MARA 673  International Maritime Industry Graduate Management Experience
MARA 675  Leadership in the Maritime Industry
MARA 684  Internship Maritime Industry Management Experience
MARA 685  Directed Studies
MARA 689  Special Topics in Maritime Industry
MARA 691  Research Hours
MARS 610  Environmental Law
MARS 620  International Environmental Business Ethics
MARS 635  Environmental Impact Statements and NRDA
MARS 640  Environmental Administrative Law
MARS 660  Environmental Alternative Dispute Resolution
PSAA 620  Safeguarding the Nation’s Maritime Gateways
STAT 652  Statistics in Research I

License Option Required Classes
MART 103  Basic Safety and Lifeboatman Training
MART 115  Seamanship I
MART 201  Vessel Structure and Ship Knowledge
MART 202  Ship Stability and Trim
MART 204  Terrestrial Navigation
MART 208  Marine Meteorology
MART 210  Integrated Navigation I: Radar/ARPA/ECDIS
MART 212   Marine Dry Cargo Operations
MART 215   Seamanship II
MART 303   Celestial Navigation
MART 307   Global Marine Distress Safety System
MART 310   Integrated Navigation II: Electronic Navigation
MART 313   Marine Liquid Cargo Operations
MART 321   Navigation on Rules, International and Inland
MART 410   Integrated Navigation III
MART 498   Maritime Medical Care
NVSC 200   Naval Science for the Merchant Marine Officer
MART 200   Deck Sea Training I: Basic Communications, Navigation and Seamanship
MART 300  Deck Sea Training II: Intermediate Communications, Navigation and Seamanship
or MART 350   Deck Sea Training II: Commercial Internship
MART 400  Deck Sea Training III: Advanced Communications, Navigation and Seamanship

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Career Opportunities    

Love What You Do

The unique flexibility of courses and the unparalleled access to top quality professors, industry experts, and the sea puts our students in a great position to succeed in any number of paths.

Career Paths

Brokerage and Chartering
International Trade and Economics
Maritime Strategy and Policy
Port and Waterway Management
Port Operations
Supply Chain and Logistics
Vessel Management

Hiring Agencies

Shipping Companies
Insurance Companies
Accounting Firms
Security Companies
Logistics Company

Salary Ranges

$80,000 - $140,000

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At Texas A&M University at Galveston we offer a comprehensive array of degrees which are geared to make the most of our ideal location on the edge of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. With programs ranging from marine biology to maritime business administration led by enterprising professors at the top of their fields, we’re full of the opportunities you’re seeking.

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