Crime Prevention

The campus of Texas A&M University at Galveston is an open campus to allow opportunities for former students, faculty and staff in addition to family and community members to visit facilities such as our bookstore and library. If necessary, academic buildings can be opened during weekends or evenings. To ensure campus safety, the administration pledges to do the following:

  • limit access to academic, administrative and residence areas to only students and employees as necessary.
  • require the use of keys and identification cards for access to some areas.
  • limit classroom and laboratory attendance to individuals enrolled in courses meeting in those facilities.
  • limit residence hall entry to residents and their invited guests.
  • design landscaping and outdoor lighting with safety in mind.
  • offer a "Light Line" to which anyone can report a non-operating light. The Light Line contact number is (409) 740-4547.
  • add lights in newly constructed areas.

Residence Hall Security

More than 1200 students live in TAMUG's residence halls, including Albatross, Polaris and TAMUG-contracted housing in the University Apartments. Only those students and their invited guests are permitted in these buildings. Residents and Community Leaders are responsible for reporting to University Police any unaccompanied individuals who cannot be identified as students or guests of a resident. To further assure security in residence halls, the following procedures have been enacted:

  • only residents have room keys
  • residents are clearly informed of visitation policies.
  • residence hall staff are responsible to attending to lock issues as quickly as possible.
  • residents are supervised at a ratio of one Resident Advisor for every fifty or less residents. Community Leaders are given instructions by the Office of Student Services regarding campus safety and security.
  • Community Leaders are responsible for discussing safety and security concerns with their residents at the beginning of each semester. This often includes passing out printed materials.
  • uniformed police officers routinely do foot patrols inside the residence halls after dark.
  • all residence hall doors and windows are fitted with locks.
  • fire and smoke alarms are installed in each residence hall room.
  • fire drills are conducted each semester at the residence halls.
  • residents are advised to remove valuables during holidays and evacuations, and to be sure that their rooms are secured.
  • telephones are provided in each room and local phone calls are free.